Ontwerper: Wouter Valkenier,

Uitvoering: Michiel Poelmann & Jan Jongejans

Opdrachtgever: Gemeente Amsterdam

Amsterdam 2013, Upcycling, from Waste to Stadstimmertuin.

These streetlights are originally designed by Friso Kramer. Wouter gave them a new live as a chandalier and hanging lamps. All the lamps are now equipped with LED lights

24 steel tables former “Stadsdrukkerij Amsterdam” Exhibited at the Milan Design Fair 2013.
These are specially designed for the former Stadsdrukkerij of Amsterdam in a limited edition of 24. The table top is made of an ancient climate system from the roof. The objects will be part af a historical location, adding an own unique chapter to all the stories that have been told there.

© Copyright - Michiel Poelmann