Sound of a tree

Michiel Poelmann

Two hanging pieces of wet rotten wood give the sound of a living tree. The two pieces of wood represent the visual form of sound. In the sculpture two speakers are responsible for the sound. The sound is recorded from a living tree in the forest. This sound is transported via a long small course to a hollow open space at the end off the wood.
The wood has the tendency to absorb the sound. and to change the resonance contrary to the hollow space that strengthens the sound. This creates a sound that really seems to come from the inside of the tree.

The wood is kept wet to preserve it’s form, scent, and appearance. Instead of conserving it by drying and accordingly oiling, staining or lacquering  it rots.
In the end it decays, by the weakened  structure of the fibres in the wood. During that time beautiful forms, scents and colours of fungus will leave their marks on the wood.

© Copyright - Michiel Poelmann